Guilty or not guilty – how the hell should I know?

Ever since news broke on Friday that Erick Morillo has been charged with sexual battery – that’s rape to those of us uninitiated in legal terminology – the reaction online has been depressingly predictable. Some are saying he should be lynched, despite the fact he hasn’t actually been convicted of any crime.

Others are mysteriously stating they’ve “known what he was like” or that they’ve “always found him a bit creepy”. They’ve obviously not been concerned enough to do anything about it, though. And sure enough, some people are even trying to find the name of the victim – despite the fact she’s entitled to anonymity unless she chooses to waive that right.

I suppose it’s because this is an American story, where there are very few restrictions on what you can say on criminal proceedings. Personally though, I think this is one of those cases where it’s best to shut up and let the legal process deal with things…

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