Stop calling Sterling Covid Sterling Covid!

Like most people with some kind of online presence, I get my fair share of correspondence from charlatans, degenerates and dingbats. Most ultimately vanish with a sense of disappointment at a lack of response from me – mostly because I have better things to do with my time than talking to fruitcakes.

This one, however, is the most bonkers one I’ve had for quite some time. It’s brief, but straight to the point. Cue the BBC Points Of View voice, if you’re familiar with that sort of thing…

“I’ve just read your latest post and I think it’s an absolute disgrace. Your pejorative name for Sterling Void is an insult to the 700,000 people around the world who have died from Coronavirus. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

No name was mentioned on the email, although a quick search of the IP address where it originated revealed it to be from Chicago – the stomping ground of Sterling Covid. Either Mr Covid has become accustomed to the world of sockpuppets, or one of his cronies is pompously trying to shut me up.

Either way, it’s always nice to know when I’ve got under someone’s skin. In response to the criticism – and it’s highly questionable whether it deserves a response at all – I obviously am not equating the two. Only a complete idiot could come to that conclusion.

Many are concerned that this winter will see a second wave of Covid-19. Right now, I’m concerned there will be a second wave of Sterling Covid, the first having lasted some 32 years. Too many people have already been taken in by his lies, his deceit and his underhanded ways for him to get away with it.

And no pathetic attempts at trying the cancel culture thing on me is going to work…

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