Saying much about nothing

Last night, I reported on the fact that DJ Erick Morillo had died. He was 49 and was found dead by police at his Miami Beach home yesterday morning. The cause of death has not yet been disclosed

I had a couple of people asking me privately why I made no reference to the criminal matters he was dealing with. For those unfamiliar with this, Morillo handed himself into the police last month following an allegation of a sexual assault at his house. It is alleged that he drugged and raped a female DJ at his home. He had been charged and as I understand it, was due in court this coming Friday.

Quite simply, the reason I made no reference to it was because I didn’t think it was appropriate. The man had just died. Regardless of any criminal charges facing him, a man has died. He will have a family and friends who are grieving for him, and I have absolutely no intention of adding to their distress.

I don’t know if he did what the authorities believe he has. Chances are that we will never know the full facts now – authorities see little point in prosecuting the dead, after all. We might yet find out more about what is alleged to have happened.

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