Why I have nothing more to say on Morillo

Questions continue to come in about my comments on this page regarding Erick Morillo, who died early last week. I seem to be getting it from all sides over this, suggesting to me that I’ve got this about right – but nonetheless, I’ll address one or two points that have been made.

Firstly, I have made no comment on the musical legacy of Morillo. He’s undoubtedly made a lot of music in his time – some good, some not so good. For example, I recall as many people taking the piss out of “I Like To Move It” when it came out as who praised it. I was never keen on it, but I also understand you need more commercial records like this in this game.

He clearly has left a mark on the scene, but let’s face it – he’s no Frankie Knuckles. Whilst he set up the very impressive Subliminal Records, he hardly established a scene or a movement.

As for the charges he was facing when he died, I have made no comment on this either. All I know is what’s in the police’s report on the matter and the assertion from Morillo’s attorney that there are other things which are not mentioned there. I’m simply not in a position to comment on whether he did what he’s accused of doing.

All I do know is this is the worst of worlds for everyone. There’s a woman out there who won’t be able to see this matter come to its conclusion, whatever that would have been. There’s a family that’s now grieving the loss of one of their own. And there’s a man who lies dead, yet all this surrounds him.

People can continue to talk about this all they like, but as far as I’m concerned, this is my last word on the matter.

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