Erick Morillo and why you should listen to your elders

The fallout from the discovery that Erick Morillo was a sexual predator – and potentially quite a prolific one – continues to rock the world of dance music. I’ve commented on this a few times, and here I am back with another one.

I noticed a friend asking the other day why we put people on these pedestals. Why do we expect famous people to be role models? Well, I wish people didn’t look to celebrities and such as role models – they’re often even more flawed than the rest of us – but this is the way things are.

Personally, I defer to my granny. She died early in March, just as coronavirus was taking over the world – and not of Covid-19, before anyone asks. She once told me, in particularly succinct language, that “you should just assume most people are c***s”.

She wasn’t a million miles off…

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