Sterling Void and his 300 imaginary friends

Duane Pelt, otherwise known as Mr Sterling Covid, might think that not being my friend means I don’t see his posts. The mole on his page who keeps sending screenshots of them to me would say otherwise.

Self-awareness is not a quality present in any way in Mr Covid. Nor, it appears, is telling the truth. He has the same relationship to truth as Harold Shipman did to his elderly patients – his first urge is to euthanise it on first sight.

I know that Covid, whose first wave lasted some 32 years, reads this blog, so perhaps he can send us the evidence to support the highly dubious claim that he receives 300 friend requests a day. I find it as believable that 1000 women have bedded the ginger ferret that is Mick Hucknall.

Prove me wrong, Duane!

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