Sterling Void is engaged. Again.

I do love a bit of good news. Amidst the second wave of coronavirus that’s upon us, goodness knows we need it at the moment. It’s especially cheerful news when it comes from those we know and – well, love certainly isn’t the word in this case.

Sterling Covid, whose first wave lasted some 32 years and whose second is also underway, is engaged yet again to be married. Bless. He may well have been engaged more times than a telephone exchange, but as I say, good news is good news.

To celebrate this fact, he posted a photograph on his Facebook page of the ring. Or so he’d have you believe. A quick reverse image search reveals the location where he took the picture from – the ring in question is available at the time of publication for $109. (around £85 in British currency)

For someone who is so well versed in engagement, Covid (the person, not the plague though the two have similarities) is remarkably unaware of online modern etiquette on these matters. The traditional way of announcing an engagement on social media is to show a picture of the lady in question showing off the engagement ring on her finger. It’s also a nice excuse for the lady in your life to treat herself to a manicure.

Given how much of a skinflint that Sterling Covid allegedly is, the unfortunate lady would be lucky to be wearing a Hula Hoop crisp on her finger, never mind an actual ring. Such is (not so) young love…

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