Plague raves – why ARE house’s big names staying quiet?

The plague rave is a blight that I’ve mentioned on this page numerous times in recent weeks. My opinion is well known – I think they’re irresponsible, often have links with the criminal underworld, potentially dangerous and they do a disservice to those trying to persuade politicians to listen to them.

One particularly interesting phenomenon that I have noticed is plague DJs doing plague raves. None more so than The Martinez Brothers, dance music’s current equivalent of lift muzak. Numerous videos have circulated of them on social media in the past few weeks performing at these plague raves.

Yet if you look at their own social media pages, you would be none the wiser of any of their illicit activities. Nor do I accept for one minute that no one else in dance music knows about what they’re up to.

Where is the condemnation from Louie Vega, whom they recently released a song with? Where is the condemnation from Simon Dunmore and Defected Records? Are they happy for their names to be associated with such people?

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