Plague raves – house’s silence goes on

I see that, once again, yet another plague rave has taken place. I see that, once again, the DJ in question is making no comment whatsoever about the event. You’d almost think they were ashamed to be doing these gigs, given the way they absolutely refuse to explain the reasons why they do them.

Then again, he’s not alone. The Martinez Brothers refused to discuss the plague raves they have done. One week on, I notice that Louie Vega, whom they did a single with recently, remains conspicuously silent on the matter. So does Simon Dunmore, head of Defected who released the aforementioned single.

One wonders why these plague DJs and their accomplices refuse to defend themselves against this criticism. Is the charm of money in the bank enough to keep their mouths shut?

Doesn’t say much about them if it does…

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