Resident Advisor get a £750k bailout

Much criticism has been made in recent days of the news that Resident Advisor have been handed a £750,000 grant to help them through the pandemic. Other venues seemingly seen as more deserving have received less, sometimes nothing.

It appears Resident Advisor has detractors for all kinds of reasons. I’ve come across allegations of racism, misuse of their power and even a claim (that I can’t substantiate) that they were paid a few years ago not to write about a financial scandal surrounding one of the biggest names in the house music scene.

One of the central things that RA does is write reviews of music. Quite badly, too. They also publish news. Also quite badly. Which has got me thinking.

I publish news on this page, and I probably do a better job than they do. I also review music in my Six On Saturday column, and I again appear to do a better job than they do.

Perhaps I should apply for one of these grants? I wonder how much I’ll be able to swindle from government funds…

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