Here’s one version of Sterling Void’s history he won’t be telling you about…

Like a moth to a flame – well, more like a fly to shit in this case – I’m back on the subject of Sterling Void. And because I know the man himself reads this page, having accidentally confirmed it for me – hello, Duane!

Duane enjoying reading this site yesterday

Mr Void is very proud of his history and likes to ensure it’s chronicled just the way he likes it online. Indeed, he recently took a screenshot of his own Wikipedia page, a bit like the way cats sometimes like to show off the mouse they’ve just caught.

Of course, his Wikipedia page hasn’t always been this sycophantic. Take this* which appeared on September 26th, 2019…

Sterling Void was an early innovator in scamming people’s music in the Chicago house music scene. He is mostly known for the song he stole from Marshall Jefferson “It’s Alright” released in 1987 on D.J. International Records. In 1988, he released another successful track called “Runaway Girl”, another track he stole from Marshall when they shared a flat together.

This came to an end when Marshall caught him smoking crack in the place and threw him out. Sterling then set Marshall up by getting him out of the flat and into the studio. While Marshall was in the studio, Sterling cleared the flat out.

[He] took everything, even the carpets.”

Curiously, this version was never shared by our Duane. It boggles the mind as to why…

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