Will the Judge budge on his £123 price tag?

These are highly exceptional times. Many of the traditional avenues for making money are currently closed, so DJs are resorting to very different measures to raise some money.

For example, Carl Cox has written a book. Derrick Carter has taken to selling his old equipment. Sterling Void is continuing his tried and tested tactic of pretending his car has broken down late at night and asking some poor sop for $24 for an Uber home. Derrick May appears to be paying his solicitor’s fees by flogging clothes with the Transmat logo plastered all over them.

Others have gone down a more academic route. Steve Lawler, The Martinez Brothers, Darius Syrossian, Danny Rampling and quite a few others have taken virology degrees from the University of Facebook and spend their days using their acquired knowledge to tell us the virus is fake.

And the aforementioned Steve Lawler currently charges people the curious sum of $31 to give producers “feedback” on their tunes, which appears to mean they get paid to be told their records are rubbish.

Now we can add Judge Jules to the list. He has joined Cameo. It’s a website that allows you to request a video from a celebrity. In exchange for the equally curious sum of £123.67, you can receive a personalised video from the Judge himself.

I’d be tempted, but I think the judge might want to budge on his pricing…

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