Dunmore, E-Clyps and the mis-education of the masses

Here’s one you might have seen last week on Instagram. DJ E-Clyps posted this unflattering photo of Defected head honcho Simon Dunmore. A few people have asked me what on earth this is all about.

It appears to be a reference to an interview that Dunmore gave Mixmag recently. He said he’d had to re-educate himself on the question of racism and dance music. E-Clyps then offered Dunmore the chance to do an interview for his Blacklight Sessions podcast to discuss the matter further.

Dunmore declined. E-Clyps believes this is a sign of a man who has learnt nothing. I personally do not know.

This page has posted quite a mixture of things about Simon Dunmore in the past. I have complimented him on the way that Defected thrives in 2020 whereas many of their fellow students of ’99 have long disappeared. I have also criticised the power that Dunmore holds as a gatekeeper and questioned his closeness to the retailer Traxsource.

That said, it’s disappointing to see a straight talker like DJ E-Clyps not talking entirely straight himself. Some time ago, he had a dispute on Twitter with Dunmore alleging that Defected hadn’t kept to its side of the bargain regards his release “Pancakes” which came out on a sister label. To the best of my knowledge, the dispute was never resolved.

The words “bearing a grudge” come to mind…

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