Hearing someone playing your record? Yeah, it’s weird…

A friend asked me quite recently what it’s like to turn on the radio or go to a club or whatever and hear one of your own records playing. I thought it was a good question and I further thought I’d post it up here in case any of you are curious.

I have never heard my own music played in a club, but that’s mostly because I’m a dad of two with a heavily pregnant wife who lives in the middle of nowhere. I have zero idea where the nearest decent club to me is, and the sort that play “Dance Classics” on a Wednesday night definitely don’t interest me.

I have heard it played on the radio a few times. If I recall correctly, the first person to play a song of mine on the radio was the much missed Eddie Eaze Coleman back in early March 2017. It’s nice to know that people like your music so much that they’re playing it when there’s simply so much other music out there they could choose instead.

Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped being rather surreal for me. Sometimes, you might not even realise straight away it’s your own track playing. Earlier this year, I was listening to a live show from the wonderful DJ MJ and she was playing this tune. I really liked it, but kept thinking I’d heard it before.

Then it dawned on me. It was the dub mix of “Emotions”, a track I did with Richelle Hicks a few months earlier which was coming out the next week. Awkward…

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