The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!)

On the week that a pigeon was sold in Belgium for over £1.4millon, I go through the records that are less flying rats, more flying high!

James Oliver Feat. Darren Honeycutt – Thunder And Lightning (Grin Music)

Does Demarkus Lewis ever take a day off? Here he is yet again, this time remixing an older song from his own label. As ever, he does an exemplary job – although the dub is a little too similar to the vocal mix for my taste. 9/10

Distant Soundz – Time After Time (Upcycle)

There’s a distinct Todd Edwards feel to this one. Distant Soundz have their first release in a while, though they date back some 20 years. The vocal mix is straightforward enough. It’s a bit quirky, and I like quirky. The dub is unashamedly mid-90s in flavour. Very good work indeed. 9/10

Releases are thin on the ground at this time of year, and especially this year. So that’s the end of today’s column and indeed the end of the Six On Saturday column for 2020. Thanks to all of you who have made the tunes – without you, this column couldn’t exist. See you all in the New Year!

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