Am I really the only one wondering this?

Much fuss was made during the Christmas and New Year period over the arrest of techno DJ Sama Abdulhadi. It appears that she was nabbed by the police because of the fact the event was held near a religious shrine, and not because of any Covid-19 related manners.

Be that as it may, has no one thought to ask why anyone thought it was a good idea to do a DJ set near a religious shrine? Anyone with any ounce of sense would know that, whether this event was cleared by the authorities or not, holding an event of this nature in such close proximity to a religious shrine was likely to piss a lot of people off.

How come no one saw this coming? I’m not going as far to say as I have no sympathy for Abdulhadi here, but someone somewhere has got a lot of questions to answer about how they dropped the ball on this one…

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