Back to the plague rave with the ill behaviour

I really wish I didn’t have to keep saying this. Even I’m getting bored of it, but if I have to keep saying it, that’s what I’m going to do.

If you seriously believe that holding illegal raves in the middle of a pandemic is a good idea on any level whatsoever, you are a braindead moron. There’s simply very few other ways of describing this level of stupidity.

You’re risking your own health and that of everyone else you come into contact with. You might well get mild symptoms or none at all – that friend you saw two days later could end up with a tube down their throat.

You’re putting money into the pockets of criminals. I know a few people who put on illegal raves for a living. They have done for decades. None of them are putting on events at the current time, as they even find the idea of doing it during a pandemic to be abhorrent.

By going to these plague raves, chances are you’re giving your money to organised crime. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about your friends. They don’t care about your family. Provided they get paid, they don’t care whether you catch Covid-19 or not.

And even if you buy into this ridiculous argument that the pandemic is fake, the virus doesn’t exist, it’s all an evil conspiracy to get Donald Trump out of office etc, consider this. How on earth does this look to everyone else?

All those people who are washing their hands, keeping their distance, not seeing their family as much as they’d like, wearing face masks when going out – are they going to think you’re a rebel with a cause when they see you at an illegal rave?

No. Of course not. They’re going to think you’re a tosser. And not without good reason. Those politicians who are being forever being asked to bail things out at this time won’t be any kinder. They’re going to see criminal behaviour and they’re going to look at legal nightclubs and tar them with the same brush. Unfair? Definitely, but not surprising when aforementioned politicians don’t understand what they’re looking at.

You’re also showing no respect for your own scene or its roots. House music has its roots in black communities – the same black communities that it’s been proven are disproportionately at risk of dying from Covid-19. And please explain to me how increasing the risk of someone catching a potentially deadly virus is about sharing the love with anything or anyone?

It really is time to put a stop to this. If that means upsetting a few Covidiots and deniers – yes, I’m looking at you, Steve Lawler, the Martinez Brothers, Darius Syrossian, Danny Rampling, Peggy Gou and so on – so be it.

Here endeth today’s sermon. Although I’m sadly in doubt this will be a recurring theme…

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