Boris Johnson, he is. Bright, he is not.

Many people ask me what my political views are. I don’t often elaborate, because I happen to think some things don’t need to be public knowledge. We live in an extremely polarising age, and I’ve got better things to do than spend my time arguing online with people who will never change their minds on anything anyway.

All I’ll say for the moment is that the Boris Johnson government has to be one of the most unimpressive that I’ve ever seen. They seem to have a fantastical ability to make a mess of absolutely everything – and here’s the latest example of that.

Says the Independent

The UK rejected an offer of visa-free tours by musicians to EU countries, despite blaming Brussels for what the industry is calling the devastating blow of them requiring permits. A “standard” proposal to exempt performers from the huge cost and bureaucracy for 90 days was turned down, The Independent has been told – because the government is insisting on denying that to EU artists visiting this country.

Well done, Boris. At a time when large swathes of the entertainment industry is on its knees and unable to function due to the restrictions imposed thanks to Covid-19, you decide that the best solution to that is to put in place more restrictions on what they do.


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