Resident Advisor: 24 Hours To Save Ourselves!

The archive for this blog is fast being updated with much of what I wrote on my Facebook page over the past few years. Why let all that work go to waste, eh? You might have noticed that I don’t have much time for Resident Advisor of late – but I’ve been kind in comparison.

In comparison to whom? 5 Magazine, who have published a pretty excoriating article about how RA’s Save Our Scene seemed to be mostly about saving themselves. I’m surprised that I didn’t spot this one earlier myself – I must be getting soft in my old age.

At the British general election in 2001, the Tory Party were far behind in the polls against the then almighty Tony Blair and Labour. In desperation, the Tory leader of the time, William Hague, launched a campaign called 24 Hours To Save The NHS – the exact name Blair deployed for a more credible campaign at the previous election in 1997.

What happened? It was an utterly ridiculous idea and was quickly branded 24 Hours To Save My Job by the tabloid newspapers. They saw it for the self-serving dross that it was.

Resident Advisor must have been to that same gelastic class.

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