Derrick May and a question of trust

I got a charming little email in overnight. No name was supplied with it, but I notice that the IP address that the email originated from – yes, you can check these things – showed it was from Detroit. Perhaps I’ve got under someone’s skin. I like that.

Anyway, the email was titled “DO NOT TRUST MICHAEL JAMES!!!!” and was essentially a list of reasons, badly punctuated and probably plucked out of this anonymous person’s arse, why I shouldn’t trust the journalist who currently has Derrick May on the ropes.

Allow me to make this clear. I’m pretty sceptical about journalists generally. By and large, I think a large portion of them are lazy and don’t want to actually do any work. Michael James is not amongst them.

I’ve followed what he’s been saying about Derrick May since he started speaking out over a year ago. I’ve seen him engage in arguments, some very heated, with many others on the subject. Most of the attacks are on an ad hominem basis rather than the substance of his posts.

Has he handled this perfectly? No. Do I think anyone would have handled it better? Almost certainly not.

Do I trust him over the acolytes and sycophants who excuse the actions and hang onto every word of Derrick May? Too right I do.

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