Spotify – failing to make a profit since ever!

I see that Daniel “Mr Burns” Ek has told us Spotify is hemorrhaging money. Weirdly, no one is too bothered about this. Online companies often seem to think that they’re never going to fail. They would do well to look into the dot com bubble phenomenon of the late 90s…

Around Christmas time, I was getting this website set up and pondering over the idea of being nicer towards Spotify. After all, this is the company that was the music industry’s saviour at a time they were on their knees, right?

But then I thought, bollocks to that. They may well have been good for the industry at one time, but the way they treat artists and labels – with the possible exception of the big three majors – is absolutely dire. They pay next to nothing for all this music, whilst failing to remember that they’d be nothing without it.

High time that Spotify started treating the people who make their business possible a little better. Otherwise, they might find themselves going the same way as the old dot com companies…

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