The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!) – 6th February 2021

On the week that Jackie Weaver was told that she had no authority here, I go through the latest releases. And I damn well do have the authority! Read them and understand them!

IQ Musique Feat. Kimicoh – Get Away (Blu Lace Music)
Mr Musique does like to rework his own records – but when they’re this good, I can’t honestly blame him. The Broken mix is probably my favourite of the bunch, but you can’t go far wrong here with any of them.

NY’s Finest Feat. Toney Lee & Status IV – Don’t Stop Keep Rising (Bassline)
A declaration first. I provided a remix for the release pack on this last year. I had no involvement with any of the other mixes. Make of that what you will. There’s some decent mixes here. Groove Technicians provide a different take that I approve of, the Deepness does a good job and that moody Tom Junior dub leaves me wondering why I didn’t think of that! Thoroughly enjoyable.

Total Exposure Feat. Connie Harvey – Let It Be Known (Stellar)
Chris Bass is the name of the moment all over Victor Simonelli’s many record labels. Frankly, I can understand why. His sound is similar enough to remind you of the garage movement in the 1990s, but also distinctive enough to stand out in the current crowded market. Connie’s vocal sounds exceptional on this. Keep it up, Mr Bass.

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