Is Derrick May appearing at 51st State Festival? Mystery as festival bosses both deny and refuse to deny rumours on social media

I’ve been looking at this over the past few days and I’ve decided to post about it. Perhaps it’ll help clear up the mystery of whether Derrick May – accused of rape and sexual assault by no less than 20 different women – will be appearing at the 51st State Festival in August.

Currently, this flyer is doing the rounds. Derrick May’s name is clearly stated quite high up the poster.

This is where things start to get a little confusing. The festival last year was due to take place on August 1st. However, due to this thing called the coronavirus sweeping the world – you might have heard for it – it was cancelled. The date of this flyer is correct – Saturday 7th August 2021.

Nonetheless, Derrick May’s name is clearly stated. So when Dave Clarke – great DJ, crap journalist – posted an interview with the dog whistle claim that allegations against May were “hazy”, questions were aimed towards 51st State Festival about whether he was still on the lineup. On Facebook, they responded to one person with this.

That’s a pretty categorical answer there from 51st State Festival. Someone should get around to updating their flyer! However, this is where things get a little confusing.

Annabel Ross, the journalist who wrote two exposes on Derrick May, asked 51st State Festival about this on Twitter on Friday. She received this response.

Their own flyer claims that he is appearing, yet their own social media channels are communicating that he’s not playing and also that they can’t confirm anything yet.

My conclusion? The people at 51st State Festival don’t seem to know their arses from the elbows. You might want to hold off booking until a scintilla of competence makes its presence known…

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