Would Pacman have been an anti-vaxxer too?

I have to laugh at the nescient lack of self-awareness that some people out there possess. I’m not sure what else you can do – you can’t ignore them, as that might even be dangerous, but you can’t take them seriously either.

There’s plenty of them around at the moment, and for many, their favourite subject is the coronavirus vaccine. They say they won’t have it, because they don’t know what’s in it.

Really? I’m a registered carer for a person considered vulnerable, so that means I’m now eligible to get the vaccination. I can’t actually get it because the nearest place that comes up is normally some 90 minutes away, but I digress.

The website asked me a few questions and one of which was – are you allergic to any of the ingredients in this vaccine? A full list of ingredients was duly presented so that I could examine its contents.

I wonder if they employ a similar thought process when they go to their local drug dealer? Somehow, I cannot imagine that Sterling Void gets a comprehensive list of everything that his crack rock has been cut with before handing over his $24 for the next hit, can you?

Happy to gobble more pills than Pacman which could easily kill them, yet won’t take a vaccine which could potentially keep them alive. Go figure…

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