Freedom beckons for DJ Sneak (but there’s a catch!)

Back on December 30th last year, DJ Sneak made a vow to the world. He said he would no longer be a slave to the digital world. He would decide where his music was sold, how it was sold, on what mediums it was sold and so on.

As is his right. I defended his right to do so, and continue to do that. Milk manufacturers insist their products are sent out in either cartons or bottles. Would you expect them to start putting milk in cardboard boxes? Of course you wouldn’t.

However, the thing with making promises on the internet is that once they’re there, they’re there. It’s not like in a magazine in the 90s, which everyone forgets about a few weeks later, never to see it again. And because he made that vow, I decided to keep an eye on his progress.

I expected it would take some time. DJ Sneak has been making music since around 1993 and his tunes have been appearing on the online stores for some 18 years or so. So this was not going to be an overnight endeavour.

On January 19th, DJ Sneak had 613 tracks and remixes available on Traxsource. Today, he has 575. That’s 38 tracks taken down in 49 days. At the current rate, assuming no new releases are added in the duration, it will take him approximately 106 weeks to take everything down.

Sneak will be officially free from the chains of Traxsource on or around March 18th, 2023. Not exactly what the self-proclaimed House Gangsta had in mind, surely…

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