Murk on Spice Girls, glacial jungle – another bad mix reviewed!

Back on Thursday, I mentioned that I’ve been putting old posts from my Facebook page up on this site. I came across a review of a set called “House Classics” that I found and posted it for your pleasure.

Well, I’ve since come across the follow-up. It was actually called “Modern Day House Classics”. Given how spectacularly awful the last mix from this guy was, I was curious to see whether he’d improved.

Was there hope for him? Here was my review:

“In a word, no. If anything, his track selection and mixing abilities have got worse since the last mix. It began quite well, with a Murk remix of “Spice Up Your Life” by the Spice Girls. Not exactly modern, but you could make a worse start.

He quickly compensated for the mediocre start with a dirge of awfulness. The mix went crashing into some jungle record from 1992 – he left the year on the tracklist, for some reason – playing at around 50bpm slower than normal, heading into a Signum remix of ATB’s “9pm (Til I Come)”.

Seemingly remembering that this was meant to be a house set, we proceed to get some house music. Just not yet. Instead, we get some breakbeat tunes – a version of “Push Up” by Freestylers which has the singer sounding like he’s inhaled a balloon full of helium. The aforementioned Murk remix for the Spice Girls then plays for the second time.

If there was ever a case of don’t give up the day job, this guy is spectacularly it. A deaf chimpanzee on acid could do a better job of track selection than this.”

Do you know of a spectacularly bad DJ set that I could review? The worse, the better! I might have to make a series about it…

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