Unreleased Frankie Knuckles? You want to click this, don’t you?

Six remixes that Frankie Knuckles did for Electribe 101 back in 1990 are finally due to be released later in the year. Exactly why they were never released at the time – especially given what a hot property Knuckles was in the early 90s – is unknown, but their release is very much welcome.

It makes me wonder just how many remixes and such from that era were never officially released, and why. Another hot property at the time was David Morales. His remixes commanded at least £15,000 a time – but his remixes of “Something Got Me Started” by Simply Red in 1991 never got an official release either, for example.

I do wonder just how much of this unreleased material lies around in record label’s troves of master recordings. I’d just love to know…

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