Just raise your prices already, Mr Spotify!

Spotify are apparently “experimenting” with the idea of raising their prices for their British customers. At the risk of upsetting someone at the company, I have to ask what drugs they’re experimenting with to come out with this absolute bollocks.

A week or two ago, my wife received a letter from Sky to confirm that the cost of her satellite subscription was going up from April. Not a letter that asked would she consent to a price rise as part of some “experiment”. A simple statement that they’re raising the prices, with the subtext that you’re welcome to leave if you don’t want to pay more.

Netflix raise their prices occasionally. Royal Mail increase the cost of their stamps too, hence cues from someone complaining they now have to pay 85p to post something from London to Belfast – good luck getting it to that destination yourself with an 85p budget!

Daniel Ek – grow a spine already. Just tell them you’re raising your prices, explain your reasons why and let the paying public decide for themselves. Sky, Netflix and so on don’t seem to lose swathes of customers when their prices go up.

Rest assured you won’t either.

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