What’s it like having the Covid-19 jab? My own experience

I’m one of the lucky ones. I have not caught Covid-19 and fingers crossed, I do not catch in the future. I know many people who have had it, I know at least six people who have been hospitalised with it and I know two people who have died with the virus.

I consider myself quite lucky in the circumstances. This terrible virus has caused a huge amount of strife and grief, so when the vaccine came along, I was looking forward to my time coming to receive it.

As it happens, it came along sooner than expected. My wife got a phone call on March 1st from her local practice to say she was now eligible, being in one of the more vulnerable categories. As I’m her carer, I’m also eligible for one too. She booked us both in for March 3rd. How did it go? Well…

We had to go to our local leisure centre to get our jabs. There were a couple of other people there waiting, but not many. Everyone had to wash their hands on the way in and they were pretty strict on social distancing.

After being called in, we both had to answer a few questions. These were basically about whether any of us had been ill recently, how we were feeling at the time, and so on. Once this form was completed, we both moved to the designated area where we would receive our vaccines – the AstraZeneca type, in case you’re curious!

A nurse checked the information on the forms was all correct before I had to roll my sleeve up on my right arm. The needle went in quite high up. It wasn’t a comfortable feeling and felt quite scratchy whilst it was in there. The whole thing took around five seconds, so nothing prolonged about it.

I had the jab at 3.30pm that day. Around 10pm, I started getting the chills. They were on and off during the night. I had a terrible night of sleep. The next day, my appetite was lower than normal and I was pretty tired – but things started to lift during the day.

I’ll be having my second jab probably around late April or early May. I absolutely hate having injections, but I’d rather have that than catch this blighted virus.

And sadly, the 5G signal being emitted from my body is still as crap as before, and Bill Gates still gives zero shits what I get up to!

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