The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!) – 20th March 2021

On the week that it was revealed people were changing their names to that of fish to get free sushi, I go through the tunes that have positively less fishiness going on!

Cafe 432 Feat. Sheree Hicks – Thinking Of You (Soundstate)
This wasn’t going to be any other than great with Cafe 432 and vocal powerhouse Sheree Hicks on board. Nicely produced and put together, you only need the one version.

IQ Musique Feat. Tshaka Campbell – Duva (Blu Lace)
Tshaka Campbell appears for the second week in a row in this column, this time with IQ Musique. This was originally on his last album, I think, and these are the remixes. They’re all good, but I think Phaze Dee has a little bit more fun on the chords than the rest.

Darren Studholme & Kimicoh – We Need Love (Veksler)
Mr Studholme returns with the vastly underrated Kimicoh. Only one mix is provided. It’s just as well it’s such a good one then!

Tony Fuel Feat. Andrea Brown – Let’s Rise (Pogo House)
Tony Fuel returns with something slightly more traditional to house music than the bizarrely named previous song “Nappy Hair”. Dirty Secretz does the pumping thing that he does so well, and the original mixes are well worth checking out. However, the Danny J Lewis remix is very much my cup of tea on this one. Now to wait for the deconstruction to see how he made it…

The Vision Feat. Dames Brown – Down (Defected)
Releases from Defected don’t make it into this column very often. Years ago, it was the kind of label where I checked every release obsessively. Every now and then, though, they still deliver the goods. The original of this is very nice but too slow for me. Natasha Diggs does a good mix, but that Riva Starr remix? It’s the most funky thing I’ve heard in years. Cannot resist but dance to that!

Previous editions of the Six On Saturday column can now be accessed on this website. Simply click on this tag and you can see them for yourself. Past editions dating back as far as 2017 are currently in the process of being uploaded to the archive.

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