But what about the remixes?

Back on Tuesday, I wrote a post suggesting the record labels should move to an advance system instead of the royalty emphasised system of now.

A label boss got in touch via email and asked a very fair question. I had to have a little think about it. I’ve shared the question and my answer here, but the label boss is going to remain confidential!

He asked quite simply, how should labels deal with remixes under this new system. I had to go away and think for a little while about this one, but I’ve come up with an answer.

It’s simple. Go back to the system that record labels adopted in the 1980s and 1990s for this. Just pay a one-off hire fee when the job is completed and let the remixer be on their way with their money.

Remixers rarely got a share of royalties back then, unless they were involved in the song in some other way. It’s all about giving an incentive to quality over quantity on this system I’m proposing.

More time for artists to do their job of making music, and more time for labels to do their job of selling music. It’s a winner, as far as I’m concerned…

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