Yep, even I get imposter syndrome…

I’ve accomplished more in music than I ever thought I would. Which, to be fair, isn’t hard. I personally thought when I started out that I would accomplish nothing, so anything was a step up from that.

All the same, it doesn’t stop me experiencing imposter syndrome occasionally, as described in this Mixmag article.

There are, for example, people whom I have refused to approach because I worry that my lack of knowledge will show me up. There was a time when I knew literally nothing about music theory, chords and so on. Curiously, music lessons at school never taught us about such things…

My knowledge now is better, but still limited. I know there are people out there who have been doing this for far longer than me, who know a lot more than I do.

And yes, I get days when I think I’ll be exposed to the world. Yet I should probably have more confidence in my own abilities. Only one musician and singer to date has criticised my skills in this area.

I was, however, reassured when I discovered that the instrumental version of his latest release was selling better than the version with his vocals on them…

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