Spotify and the REAL reason they don’t have label pages?

When you’re browsing on the likes of Traxsource, Beatport and whatever, you can browse by record label. So if you like the output of a particular label, it’s easier to keep an eye on it.

Most of my own releases, for example, come out on 3rd Way Recordings. But I am obviously not the only artist on the label. If you browse the page on Traxsource, you’ll find tracks by Jordan Trove, Nu Ground Foundation, Richie Bradley and numerous others.

And yet Spotify, run by the grasping yet surprisingly quaestuarial Daniel “Mr Burns” Ek, doesn’t allow you to go to a page for a specific record label. There is a workaround available through the advanced search options, but dedicated pages would be much easier.

So why don’t Spotify have these pages? I cannot help but think the real reason is Spotify don’t wish to upset the major labels, who dominate the site. If this information were more easily available, streamers might soon start wondering just why so much of their music was signed to one or two labels.

The dominance of just three labels in the music world is destructive. The Internet was supposed to open music up to anyone, so that being signed to a major label was no longer needed in order to make it.

Yet it feels like things are going in reverse. Am I alone in thinking this?

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