Cooking up a storm: Gok Wan gives a lesson in how to troll DJs

These days, it appears to be common for celebrities to have jobs on the side as DJs – much to the irritation of full time DJs who think they’re being deprived of work, who don’t take the music oh so seriously and so forth.

Gok Wan – who previously used to tell women to take their clothes off on Channel 4 – is now amongst this cluster of part time DJs annoying aforementioned full time DJs. Alongside other jobs such as appearing on This Morning occasionally to cook stuff.

And if trolling them was the game, he’s certainly accomplished it with this message on Facebook…

On the subject, however, Facebook has repeatedly refused to comment on rumours that a two-tier system exists where celebrities and companies can be whitelisted from normal copyright takedown processes. Presumably on the grounds that they pay themselves.

One rule for the proletariat, another for the bourgeoisie? Although which category Gok Wan’s streams are in is currently unclear.

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