Flashing the money: how Dubfire is staying in the gold by doing plague rave in Covid-ridden Tulum

There was a time when DJs were especially proud to promote themselves and what they were doing. This was certainly true of advertising upcoming gigs – it created a sense of connection for those going, it might help sell some last minute tickets and so on.

Gigs are a vital source of income for DJs, so this all makes sense. Then Covid-19 came along. Which somewhat complicates things. Most DJs know that doing gigs in the middle of a pandemic is not a good idea.

Yet some have been doing it anyway. The latest is Dubfire, real name Ali Shirazinia and one half of Deep Dish. A few days ago, he posted this on his Instagram page.

Notice the location tag? Unlike some, he isn’t trying to hide the fact he’s in Mexico at the moment. But on the subject of why he’s there? Funnily enough, he isn’t saying.

He’s recently advertised a number of gigs on his timeline – all virtual ones, I might add. Yet this one? Curiously absent.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact Mexico currently has one of the worst death tolls in the world with coronavirus – 2.26million cases and over 206,000 deaths – and everything to do with Dubfire being so greedy that he’s happy to potentially cost someone their life in order to get some money.

But of course, only a cynic would think that? Still, at least the British taxpayer funded Resident Advisor weren’t flogging tickets for this one, eh?

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