Is all not well with Masters At Work? Mystery of why there’s no interview for any press for “Mattel” promo campaign

Time was whenever someone had a record to promote, especially when an artist has been away for a long time, is media appearances – and lots of them. This strategy has been frequently employed by celebrities whenever they have a book to promote, for example.

Yet despite the relaunch of MAW Records and the release of new single “Mattel” – which is hated by me, but loved by many – there has been no joint interview with the two of them.

They have made appearances elsewhere – not least their takeover of the hugely popular Defected Records radio show – and they have been promoting the record individually across their social media channels.

Yet a joint interview with the two of them – something that would bring in a huge readership for the lucky outlet that got it, and would certainly be possible with the benefit of modern technology – remains illusive.

So what on earth is going on here? Both Vega and Gonzalez know that they are, in many eyes, house music royalty. They’ve known since the 1990s – when they frequently charged $20k a time for remixes – that their name commands attention.

So the absence of an appearance from both men, whether in the form of a written interview or on video, is particularly unusual. This certainly isn’t dispelling increasing suspicion that this comeback is nothing more than a cynical cash-in…

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2 thoughts on “Is all not well with Masters At Work? Mystery of why there’s no interview for any press for “Mattel” promo campaign

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