OPINION: Carlos Sanchez funeral fundraiser shows that house music inequality is wider than ever

If there’s one thing about house music that leaves me feeling particularly angry, it’s this. Carlos Sanchez died recently, and a GoFundMe page was launched to pay for his funeral.

The revelation about crowdfunding is not a surprise – the same happened after Colonel Abrams died in 2016, and several others have happened since. But nonetheless, it’s something that leaves me feeling pretty angry about the inequality in house music.

Defected Records might tell us that “in this house, we are equal”. In reality, some are more equal than others. This was a man who was a DJ, producer and manager of numerous influential record shops in house music’s formative days.

Look at what house music has become since then. It’s grown from a tiny niche genre driven by largely black men with drum machines and cheap synths into an absolute global juggernaut that spawned numerous other genres. By rights, Sanchez should have been an incredibly rich man.

And whilst I mean absolutely no disrespect to Mr Sanchez or anyone who grieves his sad loss, the inequality in house music – where 99 cookies head to the top and everyone else has to fight it out for the one remaining cookie – needs to be addressed.

Why is an entire industry so happy to take the proceeds from the good times whilst refusing to do their part in the bad? In their buck passing, have they no conscience or responsibility at all?

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