Just WHEN will Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Detroit scene speak out about the sex abuse allegations surrounding their friend Derrick May?

One constant source of mystery to me since I started investigating Derrick May is how many people have nothing to say on the allegations that continue to surround him. In particular, the silence from his home city of Detroit is something that I think needs explaining.

The silence from the likes of his manager (or is she not his manager? She refuses to tell us) Patricia Altisent is just depressing. She has a duty to speak about this, not just as his manager but as a woman. I wonder what Altisent – who portrays herself as a family oriented person on social media – would think if May was a member of her family?

However, the fact that those in Detroit – those who have worked with him most often, those who know him best – refuse to talk about this is especially surprising to me. With a few honourable exceptions, such as Blake Baxter and Eddie Fowlkes, most will either try and defend him or say nothing at all.

What’s the reason? It’s no secret that Derrick May has treated a lot of people badly over the years. Kevin Saunderson has lent him money more than once – is that the reason why you ran into trouble with the tax authorities some years back, Kevin? Juan Atkins has had his fair share of trouble at his hands too, sources tell me.

If anyone knows more about this, feel free to send me an email. Some already have, but more information is always welcome. Details are on the Contact Me page. Confidentiality promised…

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