Nervous Records: where the advertising department thinks it’s always 1975!

Back in 1994, an episode of The Simpsons was broadcast where the family went to Itchy and Scratchy Land. The imaginary theme park was largely a parody of Walt Disney World – even getting a cheeky reference to the losses being incurred by Disneyland Paris at the time.

One of the attractions for the adults was a place called TGI McScratchy’s. Their slogan was “where it’s constantly New Year’s Eve”. Upon the “new year” being declared, Marge comments to a barman that “it must be so wonderful to bring in the new year over and over again”.

In the acerbic tone typical of The Simpsons in the mid-1990s, the barman simply comments “please kill me”.

I imagine that’s how the advertising department at Nervous Records must feel. It’s always 1975, and the adverts must show as much female flesh as possible. Here’s their latest.

Apparently, this is the advert they’re using to sell their face masks. That wouldn’t work in most climates, would it? Avoid Covid-19, catch pneumonia instead!

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