That’s set the cat amongst the pigeons! Burning Man considering mandatory Covid jab to get in – as CEO claims they have a “civic responsibility”

The Covid deniers were right, for once. Which brings the number of things they’ve been right about during the pandemic to, let me check… one. When even a stopped clock is right twice a day, they had to hit on something that was true eventually!

They said a festival would come along at some point where they would demand that you’d been vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to get in. And it looks like they might be right when it comes to Burning Man. Word is that they’re seriously thinking about it – and they’re not the only ones.

Naturally enough, the moonbeams are out in force over this one. It appears that the only drugs they’d like in their bodies are ones that have been snorted off unsanitised surfaces. Presumably like the top of a toilet where someone was having a shit five minutes earlier.

And probably didn’t even wash their hands afterwards.

I know which one I’d prefer…

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