What was the REAL relationship between Derrick May and Patricia Altisent? Recently unearthed blog offers potentially disturbing explanation

I’ve previously written about Patricia Altisent on this blog. So far, we know that she doesn’t like it when people publish her email address, and she also seems to think that she has no duties as a manager for her artist.

What else explains the total refusal to say literally anything about Derrick May? She has nothing to say on the allegations from no less than 18 different women, and refuses to even answer emails confirming whether she still represents May.

Well, for 6 years, Patricia was in a on and off relationship with Derrick May. From the accounts I have come across, the relationship was tumultuous and frenzied – mostly existing for the physical benefits of such an arrangement.

Other descriptions cite her continuing association with Derrick May as being a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome – a term first used in 1973. Explanation?

“The name of the syndrome is derived from a botched bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden. In August 1973 four employees of Sveriges Kreditbank were held hostage in the bank’s vault for six days. During the standoff, a seemingly incongruous bond developed between captive and captor.”

This wasn’t a theory I gave much credence too – initially. That all changed when, thanks to an anonymous tipoff, I’m able to reveal the existence of a blog from none other than Patricia Gianadda – which is the name Patricia Altisent used when she was married.

There’s little reading involved, but there are a LOT of paintings. She’s got quite a talent for it. She’s certainly a lot better at it than her job as Derrick May’s manager, anyway.

You can see it for yourself here. The blog ran from October 2010 until December 2013. It’s likely to disappear as soon as she finds out about this article, but don’t bother – I have all the screenshots. The Internet doesn’t forget!

This online diary has some truly disturbing content in it. For example, her final entry in December 2013 and is captioned “End of Everything”. Note the large D in the middle of the painting.

Or there’s this one, from April 2013. Again, note the smaller D in this one, from an entry titled “Lies and Tears”.

Here’s a slightly different painting from January 2012, titled “No way out”. Notice in the bottom right hand corner of his painting, there appears to be a silhouette of a man. Who could that man be?

And finally, there’s this rather sinister post from June 2011, simply entitled “Eyes Without A Face”.

What exactly is Altisent trying to tell the world – because this blog is online and free for anyone to see – about her treatment by Derrick May? I would try and contact her to ask, but her dreadful habit of not responding to emails has put me off doing so.

In the absence of that, draw your own conclusions…

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