Derrick May can’t play, and conductor Dzijan Emin knows it – so why are they STILL doing an orchestral show in Poland next month?

I wasn’t planning on writing about Derrick May again quite so soon, but my hand has been forced by the latest developments in this depressing saga. I do have other things to do, you know!

One thing that strikes me about nearly everyone involved with Derrick May is the fact they don’t care about the truth. Patricia Altisent knew the truth yet did nothing. Carl Craig knows, yet continues to seek work for him.

Mike Weston purchased his domain despite knowing the truth. Francesco Tristano used May’s name to ride to fame despite knowing May cannot play. Dzijan Emin lies to his audiences by having a fake who cannot play on the stage.

Yet none of them seem to care. And what more evidence of this than the fact they’ve got another orchestral show coming up next month? The show – which will be available to watch online due to Covid restrictions in Poland – will no doubt feature May pretending to play along to the records he largely didn’t even make.

The audience will be sold a lie. They will be under the impression that May is playing. They will be under the impression that they are watching an orchestra play his songs. Neither of these is true.

The whole thing is a fraud and a sham. Not only that, but the contempt that this shows to women everywhere truly defies belief. Let us not forget that Derrick May is a man accused of various degrees of sexual mispropriety involving at least 18 different women – and I strongly suspect there are more.

Still, I suppose May has to find a way to make a $6million case involving an allegation of rape in Toronto in 2004 go away – and that’s going to cost a lot of money. Even at the $25,000 that May gets for each one of these shows, that’s a lot of faking it to get to his target!

By the way, have you ever wondered how Derrick May gets away with scamming his audience at these orchestral shows? Tomorrow, I’m going to have a post up all about it…

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3 thoughts on “Derrick May can’t play, and conductor Dzijan Emin knows it – so why are they STILL doing an orchestral show in Poland next month?

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