That’s gratitude for you! Resident Advisor – bailed out by British taxpayers last year – now complaining about PM Boris Johnson having no plan for EU touring

Resident Advisor – they who claimed to be a “cultural institution” in order to get a £750k bailout from Arts Council England – are complaining that Boris Johnson has no plan for British artists who want to tour in the European Union.

Aside from in the Republic of Ireland, British bands, DJs and so on will have to pay sizeable amounts of money if they wish to tour in EU countries. From what I understand, the EU did offer free visas to British artists post-Brexit, but the UK declined to take the offer.

They’ve got a point, but Resident Advisor might want to be careful criticising the government which basically chose to save their arses. Part of the conditions of getting the grant money was having to publish a humiliating article thanking them for the money.

Just as well they didn’t do something like actually sign the letter in the first place…

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