Just how young ARE your fans these days, Carl? Cox’s shop sells babygrows and bibs alongside hats, mugs and face masks

DJs have had to do a lot of things in order to make money during the pandemic. Steve Lawler charged people $31 to tell them their latest record was crap. Sterling Void had to try and extract $24 for pretend Uber taxis from more people than normal.

Judge Jules signed up for a personalised video service where he charged the curious price of £123.67 to say happy birthday to your granny or whatever. And Carl Cox announced he was releasing a book. It’s out now, as it happens.

Judging by his website however, he’s determined to give the most professional clothes shops a run for their money. He seems to sell a huge range of products, including these…

Are Cox’s fans growing older and he’s hoping to keep his appeal when they settle down and have kids? Or are his fans just younger these days?

You can decide that one.

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