Could Yousef be sued if an attendee at the Circus Covid test event caught the virus and died? Government guidelines don’t rule it out…

Believe it or not, but the title of this post isn’t quite as sensationalist as it first sounds. A few weeks ago, Yousef staged an event at Circus in Liverpool as part of the British government’s Events Research Programme.

Plague rave DJ booking aside, I wished them well. Attendees were asked to submit a Covid test result five days after attending the event, although this was bizarrely not a compulsory requirement. Those dates would have been May 5th and May 6th respectively.

The data from those tests isn’t available yet. No doubt I’ll be reporting on it when it does, but Yousef might be forgiven for having just a little timorous in the meantime.

One might imagine that anyone agreeing to help the government by holding one of these test schemes would be given protection by the law. But it turns out they’re not. Take a look at this ominous text under the Liability heading…

If someone was unfortunate enough to catch Covid-19 at this event and then proceed to die with the virus, that potentially means Circus, and any other company agreeing to run these test events, could be sued.

Strange how the government can sort out immunity from prosecution for pharmaceutical giants, but cannot do the same to another group who are helping them work their way out of this pandemic…

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