Periods of reflection don’t last as long as they used to! US country singer Morgan Wallen back in the fold just three months after using racial slur

Some of the earlier followers on this blog might remember what I wrote on February 8th about Morgan Wallen, a huge country music singer from the USA. The full post is here, but here’s a quick summary…

“What will happen now? Whilst Wallen and his record label count up the money, he’ll work on some new music in the background. His label will say he’s “reflecting” on this and will leak out the message to friendly journalists that “he’s not a bad person, it’s the fault of the drink”.

Then in a few months time, it’ll come out that he’s no longer suspended and has a new album coming soon or something. Which judging by the last week, the public and his fans – who generally couldn’t care less about rows like this – will buy up in droves.”

The boss of Big Loud Records, Wallen’s label, posted this the other day. A ringing endorsement of the man himself.

Periods of reflection don’t last as long as they used to. In 1963, a British government minister called John Profumo had to leave politics because he’d lied about having an affair two years earlier. He spent the rest of his life out of the limelight, working with a charity called Toynbee Hall in east London. He died in 2006.

Morgan Wallen called a black man the N-word in February 2021. In May 2021, he’s getting welcomed back into the fold. Why? Money. Pure and simple.

Since the incident three months ago, his streams have rocketed and his merchandise is selling like hot cakes. As a white man, I can only guess what people of colour make of Big Loud’s conduct over this – and my guess is that they won’t be happy…

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