EXCLUSIVE: You read his account of doing plague raves in his own words – now read the anonymous DJ’s answers to my questions

Yesterday, I published a piece from an anonymous DJ who had the guts to come forward and admit that he had been doing plague raves during the pandemic. He wrote in detail about his experiences – you can read it all here if you missed it.

After he wrote that account, I asked him a number of follow-up questions. Today, I publish that conversation. My replies and his are unedited, bar the correction of the odd spelling mistake from both parties…

Amateur At Play (AAP): First thing’s first, I suppose. Why did you come forward?

Anonymous DJ (ADJ): I just felt it was time someone put the other side forward. My management advised me not to do this interview – this is why I have to insist on anonymity – but we’ve all been getting tarred with the same brush over this. It doesn’t sit easy with me.

AAP: Why doesn’t it sit easy with you, then?

ADJ: Because we’re not all the same. Some of the plague rave DJs, as you guys call us, really don’t give a s***. That’s true, but we’re not all like that. As I explained in my email, I tried to go to events which took precautions. I can’t be to blame for the fact enforcement wasn’t always that strict.

AAP: Did you really do it just for the money or did you miss the buzz of playing?

ADJ: Probably the first more than the second. I do enjoy playing, but I’ve been wanting to ease off for a while now. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my partner over the past few months and I wanted to do more of it. But I have an expensive lifestyle at the moment.

AAP: That last sentence just screams entitlement at me.

ADJ: You’re not entirely wrong with that. My contract with my management ends soon. They get a cut of everything until then and there’s also a minimum they get every month no matter what. That clause never used to be a problem until the f***ing pandemic came along.

AAP: What did you think of coronavirus itself?

ADJ: I wasn’t too concerned at first. I thought I’d be alright, although I was worried about my older relatives. My grandad caught it during the first wave in April and died in hospital. That was a terrible moment. I loved him dearly.

AAP: I’m sorry to hear that.

ADJ: I just thought it was an old person’s disease at first. It didn’t make it any easier, though. I never thought I’d catch it. But it hit me really f***ing hard when I did. I never denied its existence – I was just trying to keep myself above water in some difficult circumstances.

AAP: What do you think of Covid deniers? You must have met some on your travels in the past year.

ADJ: Bunch of f***ing c***s. That’s all I have to say to people like that. It exists, alright. I’ve had it, my grandad died with it and I know f***loads of people who’ve had it and a couple who aren’t with us anymore. The idea that it doesn’t exist is f***ing disgraceful. They should give their heads a wobble.

AAP: Are you proud of your actions?

ADJ: Harsh question, but fair. Probably not. I’d prefer to have been able not to do any gigs at all, but that supermarket job wasn’t going to pay my living costs in the long run.

AAP: Do you feel any guilt when you look at countries like Mexico and India? You did gigs in both countries.

ADJ: No.

AAP: Really?

ADJ: No, I don’t think I am. Look at what I told you about negative Covid tests to gain entry, face masks and all that. There was also social distancing at a lot of events I did. None of the usual going down to talk to the crowds afterwards – not allowed.

AAP: What do you have to say about the fact photos weren’t allowed at these raves?

ADJ: Not my policy. That was set by the organisers. I had no issue with being filmed, but it didn’t happen to me to my knowledge. At the end of the day, I was there to do a job. My job was to play and I always did. I know you probably don’t like the fact I’m basically unrepentant, but what do you expect me to do, lie?

AAP: Absolutely not. If that’s your opinion, that’s your opinion. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me.

ADJ: You’re welcome. Here’s hoping I don’t appear on your blog anytime soon, ha ha!

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