Mixcloud claims that Amazon owned Twitch doesn’t care about artists – but just how much better is their OWN record?

Back on Friday, Twitch sent out their occasional remiders to DJs that they basically don’t want them on their platform. Something, possibly an American sense of politeness, prevents them from saying it out aloud, so emails stating you shouldn’t play music on Twitch must suffice.

Mixcloud immediately jumped in, with a long series of self-congratulatory tweets. Click below to see it in full…

Mixcloud’s tweets, as ever, leave out the subject of why DJs who feature the work of others on their streams have no right to complain if that stream is removed due to copyright issues. But other than that, they’re about right.

However, there’s a problem. And anyone who has been on Mixcloud’s service can see all too quickly what it is. There’s no interactivity. Soundcloud, Twitch and the rest let you put comments wherever on the mix you like – and Soundcloud shows you a waveform. All the other sites have this right and Mixcloud just looks dated in comparison.

Whereas Mixcloud have all the licenses right and everything else wrong. They could become a global leader in streaming if they wanted to. No one else, not even an Amazon backed company like Twitch, wants to do it. What are Nico Perez and the rest of them waiting for?

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