“I’m never gonna let anyone else in again!” – Derrick May goes on a tangent, and yes, it’s just as nauseating and self-indulgent as you’d expect…

Word reaches me that Derrick May’s complaining about what’s being written online about him by the likes of me is reaching proportions that have even his closest friends wondering if he isn’t losing his marbles.

He’s been telling his friends that he’s “sorry” about his actions. Except sadly, he isn’t talking about the multiple allegations of sexual assault and rape. No, he’s recently concluded that he’s “sorry” he trusted people – due to the fact several of his conversations have recently been leaked.

My source says “He completely lost his s*** the other day. He told a few of the guys that he was struggling to trust anyone at the moment. Said he was gonna f*** things up for what he called the snake that keeps passing on what he’s saying. He was even close to tears at one point, saying he’d never be able to trust anyone again.”.

It’s always nice to know that I’m getting under someone’s skin, but I can’t take sole credit for that. Part of that goes to Michael James, and to all those who are now scrutinising what the so-called originators of techno have been up to over the years.

Will it continue? You bet it will…

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