Remember the time you handcuffed a guy to a radiator and beat him with a chain? Boy George would prefer you didn’t – but here’s your reminder anyway!

This is Pride Month, and everyone seems to be on board. And like everything else these days, lots of questions aren’t being asked. Such as why are all these companies suddenly on board with this? Have they really woken up to injustice, or have they just woken up to the prospect of extra sales going through their tills?

Everyone is also desperate to attach themselves to it, mostly for their own benefit. What else explains Boy George’s sudden re-emergence? He was on a prime time BBC programme called The One Show last night, apparently to celebrate his 60th birthday.

I wonder what Audun Carlsen makes of Boy George using Pride Month to rehabilitate himself? In 2008, George was sent to prison for 15 months for assaulting and falsely imprisoning Carlsen. The Norwegian model and male escort was handcuffed to a radiator and beaten with a metal chain.

George’s excuse? The drugs I took years ago made me do it. Pathetic.

And the cherry that tops the cake? Back in the 1980s, there was a “feud”, as it was described in the press between George Michael and Boy George. The reason was that George tried to force Michael to come out as gay. We’d call that bullying nowadays…

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